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For Demand, Lda. undertakes to deliver goods at the place designated by the customer, provided that their facilities are located at the ground level and some European Countries, unless expressly agreed by For Demand, Lda.

If the location indicated by the customer does not comply with these conditions, For Demand, Lda. may, at request and as an ancillary service, delivery the order into place at an additional cost previously reported to and accepted by customer.

In case of omission by the customer that the discharge location does not meet the conditions listed above or the customer does not accept the offer of the ancillary service delivery, the liability of the goods is borne by the customer, provided that they are delivered to the address indicated by him.

We do not deliver directly to the UK. 

On delivery, the customer, in the presence of the carrier, must verify the good condition of the delivered products and check the number of volumes greeted with the information on the waybill.

If the packaging shows signs of damage or tampering, the customer, in the presence of the carrier, shall proceed to the opening of the same, check the status of its content and record such facts on the waybill, and if possible, take pictures. The damages and violations should be brought to the knowledge of For Demand, Lda. in writing within 24 hours, otherwise it will not be accepted any claim on that basis.

The procedure mentioned above equally applies to the disagreement on the provision of ancillary services to the sale that eventually have been agreed upon for effecting delivery.

Whenever For Demand, Lda. cannot ship ordered products, for stock reasons, or other force majeure beyond our responsibility, it undertakes to inform the author of the order of such failure and may present alternative products with similar characteristics.

For Demand, Lda. does not ensure the effective delivery of products and any delays between dispatch and delivery do not give the customer  the right to cancel the order or to claim any compensation whatsoever. In case of such situation, For Demand, Lda. should inform the customer of the reasons motivating the delay.

It is understood that the period notified by For Demand, Lda., is indicative. Therefore, For Demand, Lda. declines any responsibility in case of a delay and cannot be charged in any way.

In case of shortage of stock For Demand, Lda. can make partial delivery of orders.
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