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Mission, Vision and Values

For Demand intends to be a reference partner, incorporating solutions that combine with the needs of our customers.

We want to contribute to a sustainable development and create economic and social values in the long run, taking the benefit of progress and innovation along with our standard and customization processes.

For Demand believes in the European industry and in its agents, trusting in continuous development, choosing certified products that meet the European standards and the protection and safety requirements as you can see below.

The creation of synergies, as well as the capitalization of human and physical resources is our commitment. 

Through innovation and product diversity, we intend to be a sustainable organization, with a conduct of professional rigour and focused on creating positive value.

Innovation and Knowledge
Innovation is the essence of our business. We know that innovation comes with risks but we are certain of the importance of predicting, managing and keeping them within reasonable standards, so that we can grow steadily and sustainably.

Ethics and Trust
We are committed to creating economic value based on ethical and trusting relationships, as a medium to long term goal.

We are truly devoted to our performance and the quality of our service, always striving for excellence.

Team spirit
Together we try to reach the same goal, which is meeting the needs of our customers.

Commitment to our customers
We hear our customers and answer in a simple and transparent way. We surprise our clients by anticipating their needs. We put ourselves in our customer's shoes every time we make a decision.
Your success is our success!
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