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Why choose For Demand?

Our goal is to be a reference partner taking into consideration the customer expectations while providing products at the best quality / price ratio.

We supply competitive products, always focusing on high quality and certificates according to European standards of protection and safety requirements.

Institutional website functions

What are the advantages if I register in the online store?
You only have to introduce your customer data once and if you finish the order directly through our website you will get a 3% instant discount on the purchase made within 1 month counting from your adherence.

What functions does the online store possess?
In addition to the easy online browsing, our clients can choose products with the support of a technical file, table with references, design, measures, material, weight, unit price and minimum quantity. To each product you can identify the respective service and item that can be quickly ordered with a click.

How can I subscribe to the newsletter?
If you want to subscribe in our free newsletter, fill in with your e-mail in the bottom of any page in our website and this way, you will be weekly informed about our promotions, new products and general information.

How to use the search field?
When you select the search window, located at the top right hand corner, it’s possible to query:

a) by item name: Example: “Platform Trolley”
The query result displays all items with a description matching the one placed in the search field.
b) by item code: Example: “MTTBC”
The query result displays the group where this item is a part of. This way, the customer can compare the selected item with similar ones from the same group.

How to reset my Password?
It's simple, just click the login field and a window will appear in which you must click "Forgotten Password", and then insert your e-mail address. Shortly after, you will receive an email with your password.

Ordering process

How to proceed in my first order?
Please make your registration online mentioning your data and the data of your company. Registration allows you to save time and make your shopping easier.

After logging in you will be able to:
- order quickly without having every time to fill out billing and delivery addresses;
- automatically manage your personal, billing and delivery data;
- request for a proposal online. 

User Friendly Interface
Please use the following steps:
a) clicking the products button – all Product Families will be displayed;
b) clicking the desired Family – all Categories related to the selected one will be displayed;
c) clicking the desired Category – all Subcategories related to the selected one will be displayed;
d) clicking the desired Subcategory – all Product Groups will be displayed;
e) clicking the desired Group - all products specifically related to the selected item will be displayed;
f) clicking the desired Item Product – in this case you are committing to an order.


Which is your delivery deadline to normal supply?
Normally it takes to 1 or 2 weeks. In some cases, it’s possible to be 4 weeks. It really depends in the type of articles you are buying.


Delivery Costs
We guarantee free delivery provided that their facilities are located at the ground level and within Continental Europe, quickly and safely! For more information see our Terms and Conditions or contact us by email or phone.

Worldwide delivery
For Demand has agreements with some Players that operate in Europe. Depending on the delivery location, we can deliver on customer premises or on a previously selected by you operator.
For further information please contact our Export Department.
Phone.: +351223744090
E-mail: export@fordemand.co.uk

Payment conditions
For Demand only accepts bank transfer:

The prices appear already with or without taxes?
Our prices are in Euros and the prices in each product do not have taxes included. We are a Portuguese company, so if it’s a intra-community transactions there wouldn’t be any taxes.

When and how do I receive my invoice?
There are two possibilities you choose: delivered by post that takes approximately 3 days and by e-mail with brevity in PDF format.

Returns and Alterations

Transportation damage - What happens if I receive damaged goods?
To For Demand, the high quality is essential even in the selection of our providers and in expedition companies.
If any damages happen, please report in the document that the transport company delivers to you. Afterwards send us by e-mail photos describing the situation and we will send new products.

Change or cancel order afterwards?
If you already received the order confirmation, please contact us immediately. Our employees will make an effort to help you find a solution. If your still not sure about what you intend to order or because you still need authorization of your company, you can always use the "add cart" function in the online store and leave the order pending (this is only possible if you registered in our website).  
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