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These terms and conditions of sale apply to all sales of products and services made by For Demand, Lda. Any order placed to For Demand, Lda. necessarily implies acceptance without reservation by the Customer of our terms and conditions of sale in force at the date of its order, and whose content the Customer certifies having prior knowledge. No request contrary to the above conditions can be imposed to For Demand Lda. unless For Demand, Lda. has formally accepted it in writing. Whenever products are ordered on behalf of another person, the person who makes their ordering is thereof jointly responsible with the beneficiary to its effective and full payment to For Demand, Lda. Orders will not be accepted for delivery to PO boxes or on consignment. For Demand, Lda. reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions of sale of products and services at any time.


Products offered for sale are listed in For Demand, Lda. catalogs (paper and electronic). We reserve the right to change our products, which are limited to the existing stock, at any time. Technical specifications of the products are mentioned on For Demand, Lda. catalogs, (paper and electronic), except for misprint text or photos. For Demand, Lda. makes every effort to ensure that the information presented is error free and whenever errors occur and are detected, we proceed as soon as possible to correct them. For Demand, Lda. can not be held responsible if there are errors in the values and / or characteristics of the products when they result from technical problems beyond their control.


For Demand, Lda. does not assume the assembly or installation of the products supplied unless expressly requested by the Customer, in which case For Demand, Lda. will present an offer regarding the inherent costs of such operations. Nevertheless, the accurate price and other terms of the ancillary services provided by For Demand, Lda. shall be established at Customer request and/or trading.


Prices listed in For Demand, Lda. catalogs (paper and electronic) are fixed in Euros without VAT. If express delivery is requested by the Customer, due costs will be borne by the latter. Packages will not have any recovery value. The prices of products not listed in this catalog shall be established by mutual agreement between the parties and legally manifested by the buyer in writing. Purchase prices are the prices in effect at time of order, to be confirmed when the order is accepted, decreased by any applicable bonuses and increased by the value of VAT at the statutory rate in effect at that time, except for misprint text or photo. If, for economic reasons, particularly in the case of increase in the price of raw materials, some prices are to be changed before the end of the period of the catalog, the Customer shall be informed of this change at the time of ordering and order acceptance confirmation. Price of ancillary services shall be notified in advance by For Demand, Lda. and accepted by the Customer.
Some of the images that appear in the catalogs and on the web site include accessories to show the functionality of the product and are not included in the price of the product.


Intention to return unsuitable items must be advised within 14 working days from the receipt of such items.
Regarding Special Items (those that are ordered by a customer, but whose article is not part of For Demand, Lda. portfolio), return is not accepted in any case.
In all accepted returns the Customer is granted a credit in For Demand, Lda.
Returns or product exchanges will only be accepted provided that the products are in perfect condition, with all accessories and related documentation and in original packaging and unaltered. Any failure to comply with the conditions indicated above implies the rejection of the acceptance of the return. Products supplied by For Demand, Lda. that do not appear on the company’s catalogs and involving manufacturing or processing, are not returnable, unless proven inconsistency between the supplied product and the ordered product. Organization of the transport of the goods to be returned or exchanged is the responsibility of the Customer, as well as all the costs, except in cases of return due to faulty manufacture. In case of return of the product and the resulting credit bill by For Demand, Lda. any object or promotional item that may have been delivered in conjunction with the purchased goods shall also be returned to For Demand, Lda., otherwise, it will be invoiced.


For Demand, Lda. retains full ownership of all goods delivered until full payment of the delivered goods and any corresponding services and accessories. Therefore, the transfer of ownership of the goods sold by For Demand, Lda. only occurs on the date that of the payment for the total amount due. Until that time, the Customer is unable to resell those goods, running any liability on their person. In the event of payment in arrears, it is recognized to For Demand, Lda. the right to restitution of the goods supplied at Customer’s expense, provided that For Demand, Lda. manifests by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, the intention to exercise its right.


Products are guaranteed against operational defects by 12 months from the date of issue of the invoice, unless otherwise expressly indicated. Warranty will be void in the following cases:
a) Product with limited time of use or consumption, namely: the presence of the expiration date; specific products (as is the case of batteries, whose warranty can vary by manufacturer, to be confirmed at the time of delivery by  For Demand, Lda.;
b) Abnormal, inadequate, or inconsistent use given technical specificities of the product; Customer negligence installation, maintenance or storage of the product;
c) Normal usage, particularly when it comes to consumable parts;
d) Processing or incorporation of the product or incompatibility with other materials.


For the purpose of judicial or extrajudicial service, the Customer accepts that the address indicated in the order is a valid address.


Contracts agreed between For Demand, Lda. and the Customer shall be governed by the Portuguese law. For Demand, Lda. refers to the Courts of Vila Nova de Gaia for the resolution of any dispute arising from the interpretation and execution of purchase and sale agreements.


In compliance with law n. º 67/98 of 26 October (Law of protection of personal data) Customer may at any time exercise its right of access, rectification, cancellation of its data. For such this information should be sent:
- by email to: info@fordemand.com;
- by post to: For Demand, Lda.
Rua 28 de Janeiro, 350 Fracção M3
4400-335 Vila Nova de Gaia
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